Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trinity Church Community

The Church Community at Trinity is a continuation of over one hundred years of Christian Ministry  in the Alberni Valley.  All Saints' Anglican  began as a mssion of the Anglican Church of Canada in Alberni. As Port Alberni grew, St. Alban's was established as a mission of All Saints' in Port Alberni. Following historic Anglican perspectives, St. Alban's and All Saints' Church valued three principles, 'Scripture, Reason, and Tradition' as guides for understanding and responding to God, and the needs of our community.
A mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada was also begun in the Alberni Valley. Christ the King Lutheran Church, following the teachings of the great reformer Martin Luther, emphasized belief in a God who reaches out graciously to all people, offering renewal and newness of life.
Both the Anglican Church of Canada and the ELCIC value a rich pattern worship and strong teaching.
A number of events came together as the new millenium was ushered in, and by 2004 these three diverse church communities had joined together to become Trinity Church.  The image 'Behold I Make all Things New' (from the 2004 Anglican General Synod) is a good reflection of what we seeking to be; a community of faith in the Alberni Valley: renewed in Christ; renewed to live and reach out with love and care in this corner of God's wonderful world.
We value the church communties from which we come, and also the continual opportunities we have to reflect with one an other on our understandings of faith. We value openness to following where God will lead us, and to meet members and inquirers wherever they may be along the journey of faith and life. We invite others to journey with us.

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