Friday, August 14, 2009


The Necessities of Life

We talk about the necessities of life… food, shelter, and clothing. Recently at Trinity we discussed how there are similar ‘necessities’ for the spiritual life. We need the food God provides (through study, worship, communion, prayer) for growth and spiritual health. We need to find our spiritual shelter or home in God, and in God’s family so that we feel safe and accepted, be able to find rest and able to share our sorrows as well as our joys. We need also spiritual clothing, to choose the way we present ourselves (‘clothing’) in the community: what colours do we choose; do we dress spiritually in modest way; are we appropriate in the spiritual clothing we choose. There are so many passages from scripture that could be applied to this way of looking at the spiritual needs of life, which are every bit as real and important as our physical needs. The question is: are we finding the spiritual food, shelter and clothing we need for life? And, how well are we doing in sharing those needs with others?

… Pastor George Pell,

Trinity Church

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