Friday, September 14, 2012


Back to Church September 30

Back to church Sunday is approaching, and The Holy Spirit has likely put the names of some people on your heart. They are friends and/or neighbours struggling with challenges, perhaps alone, or in difficult relationships, and you know they need the Love of Jesus and the community of church.

As George said last Sunday, “we are God’s hands and feet”. A simple invitation may be all that is needed to change one person’s life.

God calls us to make the invitation. Our job is to invite someone. Their acceptance or refusal is left to the Holy Spirit.

We have some excellent resources to support you. Please pick them up at the front desk, or ask me for them.

“A shy person’s guide to the practice of Evangelism” is a little pamphlet that puts your heart and head in the right space for making the invitation. For example:

“Evangelism, then, really isn’t about telling people what they ought to believe. Evangelism is the sharing a precious gift.”

The second pamphlet we have is “reDiscover Church”. This is a great short read for someone curious but cautious about God.

Some examples of the issues addressed ‘ReDiscover Church” are:

1)      I don’t believe in organized religion

2)      I have my own way of connecting with God.

3)      Christians are judgmental and hypocritical.

If you have the opportunity to discuss church or God, this is a good resource to keep in your hip pocket to share.

Of the course the last item is the invitation. Please pick up one or more invitations.

And pray for guidance and for the person you plan to invite to church.


Tim McNeil


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